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Get helpfull information fast with 365-QA

365-QA is a Microsoft Teams bot specially designed to help you or your Team get helpfull information fast. If you have any questions regarding Microsoft 365 then you can ask them to 365-QA and he will start looking for answers in Online support documentation. 

Getting started

To be able to ask questions to 365-QA you will first need to install it in your tenant. You can find us in the Teams app store.

365-QA StoreEntry

The 365-QA App

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If you have selected “Open” 365-QA will immediately start talking to you through a chat and will introduce himself. In the introduction, there is also a link to this page. What 365-QA basically want’s to help you do is to find useful information that you might need without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. You can also add 365-QA to a group chat or to a Team. If you did this then you can only address 365-QA by @-mentioning him followed by your question.

Asking a question

365-QA is designed to just take your question and find an answer to it. Let’s say you have no idea how to set an email signature in Microsoft Outlook and you would like to know the steps to perform this. Well then just ask 365-QA: How do I set an email signature in Microsoft Outlook and he will propose certain solutions for you. This preview will enable you to select the correct answer before opening up the webpage with the solution.

365-QA ChitChat

Asking a question to 365-QA

Now a bot is not complete if you just cannot have a small conversation with it. This is also possible with 365-QA but it’s not his reason for existence.

365-QA MultiLanguage

For this, we use QnA maker. This service provided by Microsoft is excellent for this kind of small talk. But you can imagine that you would like to extend 365-QA to have more knowledge of your organization. Let’s take the question we asked previously. When people ask how to set an email signature this can mean multiple things. First like 365-QA answered they have no idea where the button is in Outlook is that allows them to set an email signature. But it can also mean that they want to know what kind of email signature they are required to set guided by company policy. In this case, you would want them to go to for example an intranet page that explains the company policy about email signatures and maybe includes some kind of example or banners they are free to use. If you would like to include such information in 365-QA then don’t hesitate to contact info@advantive.be for more information on how we can guide you through this process.


365-QA his main language is English. All the responses that 365-QA does are in English but if you want you can also search in your own language. The results returned will be in your own language then. This is one of the unique aspects of 365-QA and will enable people from different languages to also be able to use the app. If you would like 365-QA to be fully available in another language then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The 365-QA App

     Rick Van Rousselt   

Rick Van Rousselt

Chief Technology Officer

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